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A Foundation for Optimal Health

Australian Retriever

Annual wellness visits form the foundation of your pet’s preventive health care and help us build a relationship with you and your pets.

At Kaua’i North Shore Animal Clinic, we provide comprehensive wellness exams for all animals on the island. In our Kilauea clinic we see all small animals and our mobile unit conducts exams in the field for large animals.

We recommend annual checkups (with lab work) for most pets, and semi-annual visits for older pets and those with pre-existing conditions.

What to Expect

Your pet’s checkup will include a nose-to-tail physical exam by one of our doctors. Bloodwork is recommended to screen for any underlying health conditions, including infectious diseases like heartworm and tick-borne diseases, which can travel in your pet’s bloodstream for months without triggering any symptoms. With our in-house lab, we can have your pet’s results quickly and create a treatment plan right away if any problems are uncovered.

Cat laying on deck

We will also administer any necessary vaccines. Because flea and tick season is year ‘round in our tropical climate, we will discuss the best parasite prevention for your individual pet.

Your pet’s checkup is also the perfect time to discuss the following:

  • Microchipping: Inserting a microchip is as simple as administering a vaccine and can significantly improve your chances of being reunited with your pet if he or she should become lost or stray.
  • Geriatric care: Older pets have different health needs. Your pet’s annual checkup is the perfect time to ask about home modifications, special diets, and other considerations for your older pet.
  • Dermatology: Our tropical location plus our mosquito population equals a lot of skin problems. We can recommend the appropriate treatment to help keep your pet’s skin healthy.
  • Specialty foods: We carry a variety of prescription pet foods to address health concerns like kidney disease and obesity.
  • Behavioral issues: Undesirable behaviors like excessive barking or potty problems can impact the relationship you have with your pet. We can help.

Our comprehensive approach to wellness can help keep your pet on the road to optimal health! Please call us today to schedule your pet’s next checkup.