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Skin Care to Keep Your Furry Friends Healthy Inside and Out

Dermatologic issues affect many pets on Kaua’i and can significantly impact their comfort and quality of life. At Kaua'i North Shore Animal Clinic, we know that our tropical climate, with humid and warm weather, can contribute to skin issues. Many owners who move to the area find that their pets may experience issues in their new environment, especially those with long or dense coats or sensitive skin breeds.

Accurately diagnosing skin conditions is the first step in treating your pet’s condition. Skin conditions can be frustrating and time consuming to treat, which is why early intervention is so important.

  • Environmental Allergies: Our veterinary team can help diagnose, treat, and manage environmental allergies.
  • Flea Allergies: The importance of routine parasite prevention cannot be stressed enough. Even the bite from one flea can trigger a painful flea bite reaction. Even indoor only pets often suffer the effects of fleas. Our team can help you find an effective preventative, because what worked on the mainland may not work in our tropical Hawaiian climate.
  • Skin Conditions: Our veterinary team will work with you to create a plan to maintain your pet’s condition. In the event of a flare-up, we recommend early intervention and a multimodal approach which may include; oral medication, shampoo, and topical medications.
  • Ear Issues: Much like skin conditions, pets can develop ear issues as the result of environmental and skin allergies. If you suspect your pet is suffering from ear discomfort, our veterinary team will examine and perform diagnostics to get to the root of the problem.

Providing the Best Possible Dermatology Care for Your Pet

You can watch for several signs if you think your pet might have a dermatology issue. If you notice any of these symptoms, please reach out to schedule an appointment.

  • Scratching/itching/shaking
  • Redness
  • Hair loss
  • Discoloration between the paw pads
  • Foul odor
  • Excessive licking or chewing
  • Unusual coat appearance

If you have concerns about your pet’s symptoms or want to schedule a baseline dermatology evaluation, call us today.

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