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DIRECT RELEASE NOTIFICATION: Due to the AQS not issuing permits for arrivals within 30 days, we regretfully cannot process requests in less than 30 days! Please give ADVANCED notice of any Direct Release Requests. Mahalo!

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Meet the KNSAC Team


Cindy Moreaux, Medical Director

Dr. Cindy Moreaux
Medical Director

Dr. Cindy Moreaux grew up in Oklahoma where she knew from a young age that she wanted to be a veterinarian. Her undergraduate degree in biology was obtained from University of Nebraska. During college Dr. Cindy worked as an Outward Bound instructor where she led backpacking, hiking, rock climbing, and dogsledding trips. In 1998 she earned her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Oklahoma State University. Most of her career has been spent in Montana practicing small animal medicine, having owned and managed her own veterinary hospital for 12 of those years. KNSAC is fortunate to have had Dr. Cindy and her husband, Dr. Shannon at the helm of the practice at its inception. Their comprehensive and diagnostic focused approach set the tone for the medicine we are proud to provide. Dr. Cindy now acts remotely as the hospital's Medical Director and travels to Kauai every few months to see patients. She and Dr. Shannon are parents to Hannah and Jack. Their pet family includes Josie, a yellow lab, Jax, a blue heeler, and cat, Stormy. In her spare time Dr. Cindy enjoys anything outdoors, reading, spending time with friends, and travel. She loves the warm Kaua’i weather and of course Shannon! 

Casey Walczuk, Veterinarian

Dr. Casey Walczuk

Dr. Casey Walczuk is one of the clinic’s fantastic mixed animal doctors. Dr. Casey grew up in Texas and as a true Texan girl, attended Texas A&M for both undergrad and veterinary school, although her southern drawl only occasionally surfaces. After graduating veterinary school, Dr. Casey’s adventurous spirit led her and her husband Filip to Colorado where she worked in a busy mixed animal practice. Both she and Filip enjoy the outdoors which is one of the many reasons they were drawn to Kaua’i. As one of KNSAC’s mixed animal doctors, Dr. Casey switches between clinic scrubs and her sturdy boots, treating all animals small and large islandwide. When she’s not lighting up the clinic with her bright smile and infectious laugh, Dr. Casey enjoys gardening, going to the beach, and long walks with her husband and their loveable dog, Smalls. 

Julie Rydell, Veterinarian

Dr. Julie Rydell

Dr. Julie is a compassionate veterinarian with 10 years of general practice experience, specializing in veterinary acupuncture and integrative medicine.  A graduate of Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Julie is committed to providing high quality care and fostering strong relationships with both pets and their owners. Outside the clinic, she enjoys spending time in nature with her family.  Dr. Julie is a wife, a mother to two young sons as well as her dog Roo and two kitties.


Emily , Lead Veterinary Technician

Lead Veterinary Technician

Emily has been a fixture of our team since 2019, before the clinic’s doors even opened! Emily has been caring for Kauai’s pets as a technician since 2010. She is Fear Free Certified and enjoys the fast paced variety of veterinary medicine. As the clinic’s lead small animal technician, Emily enjoys providing exceptional care for hospitalized and anesthesia patients. Early on surgery mornings, before patients arrive, Emily can be found making sure each kennel has a fluffy blanket and a stuffed animal for the patient to cuddle when they wake up. When not caring for the furry and feathered friends in the clinic, she enjoys camping in Koke’e, gardening, and taking her dogs Aria and Nalu to the beach with her husband Teo. In addition to the dogs, Emily has two cats, Deshawn and Tucker, and four bunnies, Scout, Ruger, Poppy and Waffles.

Kela , Veterinary Technician

Veterinary Technician

Kela’s diverse animal experience has made her the clinic’s multifaceted go-to since 2022. Kela fills many shoes within the clinic, although she is usually seen wearing boots. When not working in the clinic as veterinary assistant, Kela can be found out in the field working as the large animal technician. Kela has worked with all animals, from pocket pets to horses, which is showcased in her can-do, get it done attitude. When she isn’t making everyone at work roll with laughter, she is either weaving exquisite Lauhala Pāpale or caring for her menagerie. She holds the clinic record for most diverse animal family with 3 cats, 3 chinchillas, 2 rabbits, 2 dog, 1 guinea pig, 1 tortoise and 1,300 lb leash trained pig.

Adreanne , Veterinary Assistant

Veterinary Assistant

Adreanne has been part of the KNSAC team since 2022. Adreanne loves all things dogs! In the clinic she can be found snuggling the patients or assisting the technicians. She especially shines on surgery days, where she is our exceptional surgery scribe and assistant. Her love for crafting and sewing is showcased in her meticulous pack and drape folding while preparing the surgery suite for the next procedure. Whether it is helping in surgery or with patients during appointments, you can always ensure Adreanne is quietly making sure every need is being tended to. Outside of the clinic, she stays busy with her two young sons and German Shepherd puppy, Gunner.

Deb , Veterinary Assistant

Veterinary Assistant

Deb has been making the KNSAC crew laugh and keeping us in line since 2022. As a retired Waukesha County Police Officer, Deb is always first to spring to the front line if anything needs tending to, especially if it involves cats! In between snuggling every cat that comes in the clinic’s doors, Deb can be found helping the technicians in any way possible. From kennel turndown service, to processing laboratory samples, Deb is always a go to. Outside of the clinic, Deb and her wife Teri, volunteer with Kaua’i Community Cat Project’s spay/neuter clinic and have fostered over 80 kittens. In addition to their endless fosters, Deb and Teri share their love with two cats, 15yo Ozzy and 12yo Gizmo.

Mele , Customer Service Representative

Customer Service Representative

Mele has been sharing her infectious smile and warm aloha with KNSAC since February 2023. As the customer service representative, Mele is often the first face clients and patients see when they walk through the door. She loves greeting all the different animals that come through the clinic’s door. Outside of work, Mele enjoys spending time on the beach with family and shopping. She shares her love with her fur baby Nala and her doggy nephew “Mauka Kimo”.

Jessica , Practice Manager

Practice Manager